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Newspaper: #346!!!

So if you’re on this site, you already know that I’ve left it. This chapter of my life is over, it’s been fun, it really has. Now I have to move onto bigger and better things. To everyone who has ever visited this site and interacted with me, thank you so much, I couldn’t have done it without you.

Everything on this website can now be used by whoever chooses to do so, there’s some good club penguin history here, please feel free to use any content that is available here.

The experience of working on this website is something that I won’t forget, it’s helped me gain new skills and be able to do things that I thought weren’t possible for me at the time. There were good and bad times, truthfully in the end I just didn’t get the same excitement from writing on this blog any more, so I had to drop it. 

Now I have to live my own life, set new goals for me to accomplish and reach my potential, if all comes to fruition, it’s gonna be a good time. Thanks for reading.



Hi guys,

Lets review the newest installment of the club penguin times.

1st Main Article:

This primary article is about the meteor that crashed at the docks, apparently super villians are going to use this energy from the meteor for evil, its up to super heroes to step up and help save club penguin.

2nd Main Article:

This secondary article is a threat send from UP10K, who is this mysterious villian I wonder.


I can’t for the superhero takeover, can you? (what kind of question is that? Of course you all must be looking forward to it).



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