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Medieval Party 2012!!!

Hi guys,

Lets review the medieval party.

If you want to find out how to do the 3 quests located in the cave, check out these links below:

Quest 1

Quest 2

Quest 3

Now moving onto the main event. This is assuming you have all the items needed (slingshot, stones and orbs)

Head over to the mountain where you will find a door to the bridge.

Mountain: (Free Item [Noble Helmet])

Here is the bridge.

Bridge: (Free Item [Cape])

After crossing the bridge, you will come across a crossroad, with a statue of scorn and another path leading to the castle.


Now we are going to faceoff against scorn, lets do this.

How to play & Faceoff:

When you win, you get the Crown of Scorn pin and some money.



With Scorn defeated, head over to the castle and pick up the skyward staff, it can only be picked up by members and if you get other penguins to step on the buildings with the colored spheres, a rainbow will appear.


I loved this party, I’m sure you did too.


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